Building the eBook Tools

It’s come to my attention that while I’ve posted a few eBook formating tools I wrote and use I never posted how to build them. Since I’m using Qt the easiest way to build them is to use qmake and make. The build process is simple. Create a pro file for the project say […]

eBook Paragraph Formating

Today I wrote two simple programs to help me clean up my ebooks. I prefer to keep my ebook collection as plain text files with paragraphs separated by a blank line. The first program reflows the paragraphs to put each on a single line. The second removes extraneous whitespace from the file. The reflow is […]

json and blogger

Today I decided to learn about json. To help me with this I coded a little python script I call It takes the name of a blogger blog and optionally a number designating the number of entries to reterieve. I used Google’s blogger api to get the data. *** Updated to account for non […]


Today Tati and I decided to adopt two cute little kittens. Wally is an orange tabby and he is 2 months old. Cricket is a Persian mix and she is 3 months old. Both love each other and play with one another whenever they aren’t sleeping. It’s nice having them in the condo. Pictures of […]