Bookmark Manager in Calibre 0.5

Calibre 0.5 is gearing up and I’ve had some more work accepted into Kovid’s pluginize branch. This time it’s a basic bookmark manager for the ebook-viewer app. It allows editing, deleting, exporting, and importing bookmarks for the opened ebook. The GUI isn’t all that great but I’m not a great GUI designer. There a few […]

Printing Support and PDF Conversion in Calibre 0.5

Support for printing will in fact be coming in version 0.5. I’ve committed (to my branch) a new printing framework that fixes the bugs in the old one. Also, I’ve committed some PDF changes. There is now an any2pdf app which will allow for conversion of any supported ebook format into the PDF format. PDF […]

Printing Support in Calibre

Calibre will be getting support to print books in the ebook viewer. The code has been checked into my branch already and is just waiting for the the upcoming 0.5 release. ***UPDATE *** 2009-02-11T02:47:26+00:00 Due to some unfortunate bugs the printing support won’t be coming for some time.